Nomadic Simplicity, deconstructed

What do I love about it?

  • material simplicity – the psychological freedom this provides cannot be exaggerated
  • breaking out of the consumer culture
  • escaping the suburbia trap
  • a sense of endless adventure and frequent immersion in beautiful natural spaces
  • flexibility to visit loved ones
  • always having my private space with me

What do I not like about it?

  • loneliness
  • lack of community, or the familiar
  • a sense of purposelessness or of meaningless wandering
  • obsession with self (caused by too much time alone)

Ed’s comments about ‘freedom withdrawal’ hit me pretty hard. So did the comments about having children.

I do wonder if contending with an extreme level of freedom is giving me a sense of vertigo. If so, it seems like it may be worthwhile to sit with that discomfort and see what comes up, rather than make a hasty retreat to something familiar or traditional to fill that empty space.

I also wonder about motherhood. Did I actually ‘choose’ to be child-free? Or did my fearfulness of commitment and personal relationships force my decision? If so, that doesn’t sound like ‘freedom.’

Mostly, I wonder about my search for ‘inner peace’ in this whole exercise. Sometimes I wonder if I am still looking to the external world (natural parks, etc) to provide that for me.

I mean, is it really a spiritual exercise to demand a nearly perfect environment for contemplation? Or is it a better spiritual exercise to work on centering myself wherever I am? Even if I experience that space as irritating or chaotic?

I guess to put it more simply, is my transition to this lifestyle one of finding inner peace? Or of demanding outer peace?


you go girl


For those of you wondering where the RV talk went, I finally am writing a

maintenance, repair, and remodeling (yeah!) update for later this week. ; )


9 months of sobriety today!


If you enjoy Bob G’s comments, you should know he’s finally back to blogging. He just posted new videos of his nicely updated 1993 Lazy Daze RV.


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