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quick update

It was too hot in Texas, so I made a last minute trip to Northern Michigan.
It is beautiful here.
I’ll write more soon!
Take care,

Nomadic Simplicity, deconstructed

What do I love about it?

material simplicity – the psychological freedom this provides cannot be exaggerated
breaking out of the consumer culture
escaping the suburbia trap
a sense of endless adventure and frequent immersion in beautiful natural spaces
flexibility to visit loved ones
always having my private space with me

What do I not like about it?

lack of community, or the [...]

The Voices in My Head

I’m bored.
As I’ve made my way back to the Texas Gulf Coast, I’ve had this nagging feeling of… So now what?
And another nagging feeling of…I really missed David. I don’t want to feel that emptiness for a while.
And another…  So this is it? An indulgent, pleasure seeking life that is all-about-me?
I wish I could drive [...]

The Trailer

As I started to get well last year, the first realization that something had fundamentally changed in my life was clear as I spent the summer rehabbing a run down mobile home that my family used when I was a child.
(That healing experience was also the first post that prompted me to start this blog.)
My [...]

Seat Mates

As I’ve made the effort to be still and immerse myself in the beauty of Alaska, I’ve neglected my efforts to record and/or write about it. Part of that change was not unexpected, as I had a sense after reaching the Arctic Ocean that I may go into a more quiet and reflective mode.
I have [...]


“Did the entire building just shake back and forth?”
The woman on the other end of the phone line speaks to me with emphatic calmness, “Yes, we just had a little earthquake, but everything is fine.”
Alaska keeps your ego in check.  Up here, you never forget that Mother Nature has the upper hand.
Still, I’ve had a [...]