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Since I saw (presumably new) people were clicking on the useless categories that I carelessly slapped on random posts, I decided to delete and redo them.
I tried to be most careful about things like “buying an RV” and “simplifying”, since I think those are the things people who are researching are most interested in.
I’m also [...]

Yellowstone and Freezing Rain

Maybe it was the freezing rain. Or the acres of burned forests on my drive in. Or the piles of greasy black gravel mixed in with dirty snow. Maybe I came too early in the season.
I didn’t enjoy Yellowstone.
After an unexpectedly spectacular drive up from Casper, Wyoming to the East Entrance, the sky turned a [...]

Leaky Roof

I was pretty convinced that my moldy books had gotten wet when I’d opened the windows during a rainstorm. (A bad habit, but something I very often would do.)
I checked the roof seams afterwards, but thought they looked good.
Well, last night it rained hard. And at 2:45 am, prompted by some half-dreamy thought, Oh, I [...]

1,476 miles down; 2,986 miles to go