Will Work for Fuel

I knew that I would have to be flexible while on my drive up the Alaska Highway, but didn’t realize how flexible.

Places that you expect to be open, aren’t. And when you are running out of fuel, that gets stressful.

I spent a few hours this morning hanging out with a group of travelers, who, like me, weren’t going any farther until they got fuel.

Unfortunately, this popular stop was also unexpectedly closed, so we all just had to go Zen on this one.

(No cell service around here and the only payphone was also out of order.)

I did keep up hope that I would be counting the delay in hours, rather than days.

hoping for fuel

No One is Going Anywhere

After two hours of waiting, we were elated when a guy finally did show up and unlock the fuel pumps.

He let us know that the credit card machine wasn’t working, so only cash buyers could get fuel.

Luckily, I had cash, so got to buy diesel for $1.60 a liter, or $6.40 a gallon. (It typically runs closer to $1 a liter, or $4 per gallon.)

I’m buying portable fuel containers in Whitehorse.

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