Third Party Update

(Jennifer is finding Internet hard to come by during this phase of her trek. She managed to get a text message to me and asked me to share it with you. David)


I ended up making a long drive from Spokane to Lake Louise, an
unplanned departure from my original itinerary.

The drive from Banff to Jasper is the most spectacular of my trip so
far. I fell in love with Rocky Mountain National Park, but the
Canadian Rockies blow my mind.

The water is perfectly clear, so in a rushing stream you can see the
brightly colored rocks as if you were looking through glass.

Then, the mountains overwhelm the scenery. Covered in white, you can
see where avalanches have created piles of collapsed snow that are
hundreds of feet tall.

I’ve never seen lakes that actually looked jewel colored. A perfectly
translucent blue lake, then a perfectly translucent turquoise one. All
with a majestic backdrop of the mountains and populated with wild
animals grazing.

I’ve seen elk (even one with a giant rack grazing right in front of
me!), mountain goats with long, pure white fur, deer, and even a black
bear with two baby cubs!

It is unbelievable!

I wish I could post my pictures, but Internet has been more unreliable
than I imagined.

I still wanted to post a quick update.

Hope you are doing well!


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