Thoughts on moving from my stick home to my motorhome

(Note: I have a really slow internet connection, so can’t upload pictures. I wanted to fill this one with pictures of all the animals I’ve seen so far, but that will have to be it’s own post. I’ve seen more than you can imagine!)

A few days ago, Kari posted a comment asking me if there is anything I miss from the stick home lifestyle now that I am fulltime in my motorhome. I’ve been thinking about her question a lot, so thought I’d write a post about it.

As a general theme, I realize that the things I worried about losing weren’t a big deal and that the things I’ve gained are.

These are a few of the things I thought about:

Hot Baths?

This might sound funny, but the thing I worried about most was not being able to soak in a hot bath. It was such a deeply engrained, end-of-the-day (and water-wasteful) ritual, that I was even Googling for portable bathtubs!

Now, I still wouldn’t mind being able to take a hot bath, but have realized that at the end of a long day, when I’ve hiked a beautiful trail, watched and listened to wildlife, scoped out waterfalls and mountain ranges, or even just listened to wild rain and wind while hunkered down in my motorhome, I am no longer so desperate for something to help me unwind.

So, I would not trade my national park forays for a soak in a hot bath!


Television was another daily habit that I was a little worried about. I was kind of a news junkie, but after an uncomfortable weaning period, don’t miss it at all. I had no idea how much stress that was adding to my lifestyle, so getting a break from the 24 hour news cycle is an unexpected boon.

RV Maintenance?

As expected, I have had some maintenance issues with my RV (some new ones that I need to post about), but, again, they hardly register on my stress scale. With my house, recent maintenance included a new roof from hail damage, a rat infestation I couldn’t conquer, a tankless hot water heater that wasn’t working , a dead tree,  etc., etc., etc.

So, for me, moving from my house to my motorhome has meant less maintenance. Also, it feels so self contained and manageable, unlike a big old house.

Favorite foods and restaurants?

I haven’t got the food thing down quite yet, so haven’t been eating very well. In general, I think struggling with that is a good thing, as having my favorite restaurants removed means I’m starting to develop a strange new impulse to prepare food!

But, like the other things, the prospect of going back to my favorite Thai restaurant doesn’t even come close to the joy of driving through the Rocky Mountains eating another peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Feeling safe?

Not to be confused with being safe, which I feel pretty confident I am. My issue is that I can get irrationally fearful. It has come up a few times, usually when all alone in an empty campground. I just remind myself that another morning is going to come without anything bad happening, and ask myself how much sleep I want to lose over it this time….

I think it is a good thing for me to have to push through.


There isn’t one material thing that I miss. In fact, after getting rid of so much stuff, I realize I still have too much and am planning another big throw away/give away. The prospect of doing so feels as good, if not better, than the last time!

So, overall this move and trip have been both fun and challenging. I’ve cried many times, but the thought of going back into a permanent house sounds absolutely terrible.

I’m not suggesting that I won’t ever want to have some kind of home base, I just know that right now I am on the move, continuing to simplify, and loving it!

I think about you guys a lot while I am driving. I hope you are doing well.

Take care,


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