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My photos never come close to capturing the beauty of these places.

My photos never come close to capturing the beauty of these places.

Glacier National Park was extraordinary. I had a five day stay, but could spend weeks there.

I’m in a rush because I’ve driven over to Spokane, Washington this evening. Tomorrow morning I fly to Scotsdale, Arizona to meet up with my husband for a planned three week point and pre-USA departure visit. (We’re meeting in Scotsdale because we also have a business meeting there.)

Luckily, I also found a coach service station who will be working on my generator and resealing my roof while I am away. They have full hook ups and will be driving me to and from the airport! It worked out perfectly.

So, after a two day visit with David, I will be back here and back on the road. (I’ll meet up with David again four weeks later, on July 7th in Alaska.)

Hopefully I won’t break into another melodramatic rendition of “All By Myself” like last time. I have really put you guys through too much!


P.S. I know you think I am going too fast, but this will slow me down a few days. I’ll admit that I am a bit excited and can’t really stop driving. (Remember when I was shopping for my RV and I said I love to drive?) The scenic drives through Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho have been jaw dropping.

Since I can’t take photos while driving, I keep thinking, I have to Google this so I can show them pictures of this place!

Regarding the bugs, I bought 100% Deet and that net you told me to buy.

Did Bob wear one of these?

Did Bob really wear one of these?

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