Leaky Roof

I was pretty convinced that my moldy books had gotten wet when I’d opened the windows during a rainstorm. (A bad habit, but something I very often would do.)

I checked the roof seams afterwards, but thought they looked good.

Well, last night it rained hard. And at 2:45 am, prompted by some half-dreamy thought, Oh, I should make sure that it is dry by the window, I was jolted wide awake by the shock of an icy cold puddle.

So, here is this morning’s inspection:

leaky roof video transcripts

I have it duct taped right now. I bought some roof sealant and will re-seal that seam. What else do I need to do? (If you want to see where the water was from the interior, you can see it here.)


So, today’s quick update:

My roof is leaking.

My chassis battery is draining (or dying).

My generator is barely starting (and throwing a diagnostic trouble code).

My knee is hurting.

It won’t stop raining.

And I am having the time of my f*cking life.

Seriously, I don’t think I could be happier.

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