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Engine Oil

Driving to Whitehorse, I am all alone in the middle of the Yukon when, to my horror, the engine oil pressure warning indicator on my dash lights up.
Now, I have only ever bought and driven cheap, base model economy cars, so I am not used to a lot of fancy lights, warnings, and gentle reminders.
So [...]


I’ve done A to B, now just have to get to C!

While Googling for info on driving The Dempster Highway, I wasn’t too happy to read this one. I know it is rough, but he is just trying to be melodramatic, isn’t he?
Daring to drive the Dempster

Alaska Highway Stop Sign

Can you believe this? On the drive to Watson Lake.

Will Work for Fuel

I knew that I would have to be flexible while on my drive up the Alaska Highway, but didn’t realize how flexible.
Places that you expect to be open, aren’t. And when you are running out of fuel, that gets stressful.
I spent a few hours this morning hanging out with a group of travelers, who, like [...]

Through the Rockies: Fort Nelson to Liard Hot Springs

It was during my drive from Fort Nelson to Liard Hot Springs that I first had the frightening sensation of being alone in a vast wilderness.
I’ve been in the forests of Upper Michigan, in natural places far from any city, but I’ve never had such a sense of being alone in a place that seemed [...]

Women on the Road

I’ve been secretly watching her outside my window for a few minutes. She is taking photos of her RV and of the campsite.
With short spiky grey hair, and brightly colored designer eyeglasses, she looks more like a woman you’d find wandering around an urban art gallery than in a gravelly RV park.
I haven’t seen any [...]

Mile Zero!

I made it to Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway! I had no idea that I would feel this excited when I got here, but getting to this point already feels like a huge accomplishment.
I can hardly believe that I have arrived at the starting line and am starting on this journey.
I will spend a [...]


I’m breaking my promise not to publish another “All by Myself” meltdown. But, sticking to the themes of It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to, as well as my desire to create a faithful record of the journey I am actually taking (and not a fictionalized one that makes me sound stronger [...]

Icefields Parkway

I have Internet! I’ve missed you guys.
Here are some pictures of the Icefields, um, Parkway? I don’t have time to look up the name.  Anyway, it is the drive from Banff to Jasper and is the most jaw-dropping, spectacular scenery of my trip so far.
My camera cannot capture the majesty of this place. There are [...]

Third Party Update

(Jennifer is finding Internet hard to come by during this phase of her trek. She managed to get a text message to me and asked me to share it with you. David)
I ended up making a long drive from Spokane to Lake Louise, an
unplanned departure from my original itinerary.
The drive from Banff to Jasper is [...]

Look where I am!

Thoughts on moving from my stick home to my motorhome

(Note: I have a really slow internet connection, so can’t upload pictures. I wanted to fill this one with pictures of all the animals I’ve seen so far, but that will have to be it’s own post. I’ve seen more than you can imagine!)
A few days ago, Kari posted a comment asking me if there [...]

I can’t stop

I’m averaging about 15mpg, but it seems to be improving. I’ve heard these Mercedes Benz diesel engines get better after about 20K miles.  (I bought it with 8,700 and have about 13,800 now.)

A quick post…

Glacier National Park was extraordinary. I had a five day stay, but could spend weeks there.
I’m in a rush because I’ve driven over to Spokane, Washington this evening. Tomorrow morning I fly to Scotsdale, Arizona to meet up with my husband for a planned three week point and pre-USA departure visit. (We’re meeting in [...]