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Am I really doing this?

Thank you for all the well wishes and words of advice! I did go ahead and order a satellite phone, which should arrive this afternoon. I also have the Verizon wifi with the booster, so hopefully that will keep me in touch with you guys along the way.
Much of my itinerary is tentative, as I [...]

I leave for the Arctic on Friday!

After all of these months of planning, I can hardly believe the time is here.
With the exception of not being able to find my hiking boots, I think I actually may be ready.
If you’ve been holding back on any parting words of wisdom or pre-departure checklist items, now would be the time!


View from the motorhome

I woke up to intense thunderstorms.
I opened the windows and watched and listened to the rain as my motorhome moved and heaved with each gust of wind.
I drank peppermint tea and wrote in my journal.
Another beautiful morning.

I’m spending a week at the Gulf Coast as I prepare for my trip.


I feel like I can finally breathe. I didn’t even know how tense I was. That I was holding my breath and clenching my jaw.
I am back at Pedernales Falls State Park, after several days parked outside of my house getting rid of things.
I still feel a very real separation anxiety before I let go [...]

Lazy girl’s guide to getting rid of stuff

Open kitchen drawer.
Take picture.
Post on Craigslist.
“Anybody want some Pyrex?”

Kitchen utensils?

Oddly shaped dishes?

Don’t knock. They’re on the front lawn.

It worked really well.
I got rid of a bunch of stuff yesterday.
It feels great!
P.S. Technomadia did a great overview of all of the attendees at the NuRVers Rally,
including links to all of their blogs. You can find [...]

Jacked Up

I went through my second test run on changing my own tire, using only those items I’d have with me on the side of the road. It took me a long time, but I did it!
I think it was almost as difficult for others to watch me, as it took me forever. Passerbys, seeing me [...]

Solo Sisters’ RVs

As I’d mentioned before, we had a parade of homes at the NuRVers rally. I decided to take a video of mine to share with you. (I posted this on the new About My Rig page this week, so some of you have already seen it.)

Can’t hear the video? Click here for the transcript
My sister [...]

Favorite Places

I didn’t realize that I had stopped going to my favorite restaurant (of fifteen years) until about a week ago. I was out running errands when, just as strangely as the habit of going there unconsciously disappeared from my mind, it mysteriously reemerged.
I drove to Thai Noodle House, near the University of Texas campus, and [...]

My Pre-Departure Still-To-Do List

I leave in less than three weeks.
Despite my Goodwill runs and street side give-aways, I still have a lot of stuff.
I thought I would have a garage sale, but, really, I have already given away most of the good stuff. The process still feels kind of overwhelming, so I’ve decided to take it in steps.
Every [...]

Auto Mechanics

“Okay, we have a truck in that needs both front rotors replaced. Who wants to do it?” Most of the boys are more interested in muscle cars than maintenance, so avoid our instructor’s glance.
“I will,” I chime in. Needing to become more skilled in basic car repair, I often opt for the routine jobs.
I pull [...]