Things I’ve learned so far

I’m at Rocky Mountain National Park. It is paradise.

After six weeks in the motorhome, I’m finally able to slow down and revel in the enjoyment of this experience, rather than frantically plan for it.

Bierstadt Lake, possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. Thank you, Beth!

Bierstadt Lake, possibly the most beautiful place I've ever been in my life. Thank you, Beth!

It has been a challenge, of course, but a few (unexpected) things that this experience is already teaching me:

That it is important to be generous and kind to other people, but just as important to know how to stop a stranger and ask, “Can you please help me?”

That I have a right to take up time and space. Being in a motorhome, I often feel as if I am imposing on other drivers. (A pretty miserable experience, but I’m very slow and careful through neighborhoods and drive the speed limit on highways.) I’ve been forced to become more keenly aware of the fact that we are sharing this world and that I don’t have to move quickly because someone else wants to. (She can move slowly, because I want to!)

That I can have moments when I feel frightened, insecure, lonely, or overwhelmed, but feeling those things doesn’t mean I’ve made the wrong decision.

That I can learn to be patient with myself, but also have to know how to remain patient with myself when others are not.

That people who are not out in the world think strangers are dangerous. People who are, think strangers are kind.

That when you are in a natural paradise, it is easy to understand that you already have everything you need.

That some things we learn the hard way, and some things we learn the fun way. This is definitely the fun way!

My first hikes out were more of an adventure than I’d planned, but that deserves it own post!

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