Slowing Down

It started to feel like a journey yesterday. Somewhere in the middle of the Comanche National Grasslands I exhaled (and noticed).

May 24 2010 View from the RoadI was anxious to get through Texas. The route from the Gulf to the border is too-familiar and I’m sure most of you would agree that the I-35 corridor is not the right starting point for any hopeful journey.

I am slowing down (finally), and planned a short three hour drive into Colorado. But I am also learning flexibility (finally), as 40mph wind gusts had me stopped in Boise City, Oklahoma for four hours.

Even parked, the gusts hit the motorhome hard, but (when reasonably safe) I love how much more intensely you feel the weather in an RV.

So, I tried to move with the wind and the motorhome and read for a couple of hours. It was meditative.

I’ve made it to Lamar, Colorado and have two days to drive the final six hours to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Thank you for following along. Your comments mean so much to me.

Take care,


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