Dirty Laundry

I left Denton yesterday morning. I always have a lot of separation anxiety when I leave a place. Once I am on the road for about ten minutes, I’m fine. Thrilled, actually. Yesterday’s drive was extraordinary. But there is some weird psychology with making the first move out of town. I feel overwhelmed, insecure, and often want to cry.

As I was packing up to go, I realized that the tiny drip from my shower head is more than just a tiny drip. I picked up my laundry bag to realize my clothes were completely soaked with water.

So getting ready for my long drive, I felt pretty innovative coming up with this:

mini laundry line

Until Joey came in and asked, “But what about when you put in the slide?”

Fallen clothes line

"I do stupid sh*t like this and think I can make it to the Arctic?"

Joey reassures me, “No, Jenn, you’re an inspiration to people. People read your blog and think, Man, if that crazy lady can do this, then I definitely can!”


I drove a long day yesterday, but have short drives scheduled from here on out. (Getting out of Texas is an effort!) My current plan is to check in at Rocky Mountain National Park on Wednesday for a five day visit.

That feels like an impossible utopia compared to this freeway RV park in Amarillo, Texas…


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