It’s the thought that counts

I had a wonderful visit in Denton. Friends and family drove up from different parts of Dallas/Fort Worth for an unexpected send off dinner party.

I have shared so much of this process with you, that I hardly had a sense they were aware of it. Almost everyone was enthusiastic and excited for me.

But, with my depressive history, one family member pulled me aside to make sure I had not just given away all of my things to drive into the woods and knock myself off.  That (not unreasonable) interpretation of my journey never occurred to me.

I felt so bad that she was so concerned, but not being in regular contact, I have to understand. My suffering has caused so much suffering in so many other people.

On the other hand, the complete irony of this unexpected parting gift from another family member had me stumbling for an appropriate response…



Update: For those of you who do want to carry a gun,this new iPhone app by Technomadia

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