Late Start on Friday

What I woke up to:

Good Morning

And a distressing discovery:

Books store in overhead cab are wet and moldy

Books stored in overhead cab are wet and moldy

I couldn’t find any wet or soft spots where the books were stored. My hope was that it was rain from an open window, but I’ll be on the search during the next rain storm. These Minis are known to have some leaks at the seams in that part of the RV.

Leaving Seadrift

But, finally, on the road!

I’m in Denton, Texas visiting with friends and family.

I’ll be on my way to Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow!

Thanks so much for the comments and encouragement. I love hearing from you and think about you all on my long drives. (Especially when I am wondering, “Am I crazy to be doing this?”)

Take care,


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