My Pre-Departure Still-To-Do List

shoesI leave in less than three weeks.

Despite my Goodwill runs and street side give-aways, I still have a lot of stuff.

I thought I would have a garage sale, but, really, I have already given away most of the good stuff. The process still feels kind of overwhelming, so I’ve decided to take it in steps.

Every day this week I am going to select things from my house that I can part with, put them on my front lawn, and then email the neighborhood association to see who wants to come get them.

I think doing it in short bursts like that will make it easier.

I am keeping some things. Despite Rene’s pep talk, I just can’t part with my books yet. I also have some antiques, art, and vintage items that I will store.

Hopefully by the end of this week, my house will be empty!



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