Monthly Archives: May 2010

Lost in the Rockies

“You can’t go up there. There’s snow,” a neighboring camper advises me.
“What do you mean? The roads are bad?”
“Oh no, the roads are fine. There is snow on the trail.”
Confused by what is so perilous about snow on the trail, I decide to stop by the visitor center and ask a park ranger.
“Oh, you’ll probably [...]

Things I’ve learned so far

I’m at Rocky Mountain National Park. It is paradise.
After six weeks in the motorhome, I’m finally able to slow down and revel in the enjoyment of this experience, rather than frantically plan for it.
It has been a challenge, of course, but a few (unexpected) things that this experience is already teaching me:
That it is important [...]


I had horrific nightmares that some maniacal forklift operator was hysterically circling my motorhome.

Park Yes, Internet No

Hello to everyone. I just spoke to Jennifer (also known as my wife) and after a long, sleepless night at Wal-Mart she made it to Rocky Mountain National Park and finds it beautiful, but also finds that her Internet connection is not working. She’s anxious to update, so if anybody has information on wireless in [...]

Tonight: My First Walmart

What a luxury to wake up cold! It was in the 40s last night, a nice change from the Texas heat.
I decided to stay for the afternoon in Lamar, Colorado since tonight will be my first foray into Walmart camping.
Wish me luck.

Homemade Rig?

I saw this while pulling out of my RV park in Amarillo. Did this guy construct this himself? It said Allegro on the trailer/house part of it. (If you click on the picture a few times, you can see a bigger version.)

Slowing Down

It started to feel like a journey yesterday. Somewhere in the middle of the Comanche National Grasslands I exhaled (and noticed).
I was anxious to get through Texas. The route from the Gulf to the border is too-familiar and I’m sure most of you would agree that the I-35 corridor is not the right starting point [...]

Lesson of the Day

Clarke told me that each day I’d learn one new thing.
Today I learned to make sure the mirror is secure before I move the motorhome.

Dirty Laundry

I left Denton yesterday morning. I always have a lot of separation anxiety when I leave a place. Once I am on the road for about ten minutes, I’m fine. Thrilled, actually. Yesterday’s drive was extraordinary. But there is some weird psychology with making the first move out of town. I feel overwhelmed, insecure, and [...]

It’s the thought that counts

I had a wonderful visit in Denton. Friends and family drove up from different parts of Dallas/Fort Worth for an unexpected send off dinner party.
I have shared so much of this process with you, that I hardly had a sense they were aware of it. Almost everyone was enthusiastic and excited for me.
But, with my [...]

6 months of sobriety today

I found out that I got the financing for my RV on my 3 month anniversary, March 23rd.
I am heading out on my journey on my 6 month anniversary, May 23rd.
Neither was intentional, so the accidental symbolism is certainly meaningful to me.

Late Start on Friday

What I woke up to:

And a distressing discovery:

I couldn’t find any wet or soft spots where the books were stored. My hope was that it was rain from an open window, but I’ll be on the search during the next rain storm. These Minis are known to have some leaks at the seams in that [...]

Day one

Today I hit the road!
A 400 mile drive today, but a familiar one.
I’ll take a few days of rest for visiting with friends and family, then make a more leisurely drive toward Rocky Mountain National Park.
I can’t believe it! I am both sick with fear and absolutely thrilled!

Three posts in as many hours….

…but I have one more thing I have to tell you!
I use a lot of windshield wiper fluid, as in every single time something hits my windshield. I was told by someone that I have to bring along extra jugs of wiper fluid as I travel along the Alaska Canadian Highway, because the bugs are [...]


Many people who care a lot about me have expressed sincere concern that I will fall prey to some criminal injury as I make this trip across the continent.
I received this email TWICE yesterday from concerned family members. I am sure many of you have received this and also know that is an urban legend [...]