My First RV Rally!

“We needed a place for the freaks, the weirdos, and the human beings.”

It is the last evening of the NuRVers Rally and co-founder and organizer Kevin is addressing the group. We’ve just finished up four days of potluck dinners (with organic and vegan options), educational seminars (veggie oil conversions for your RV), jewelry making, costume contests, and even an RV parade of homes. (I still have some living-room envy.)

From born again Christians to long time Pagans, it is a very eclectic and inclusive group.

On this last evening, I am particularly struck by Kevin’s closing comments, as I think he’s touched on a common chord shared within a collection of creative and unique individuals. It seems that everyone here has, at some time in their life, felt like a weirdo. And, unlike any other group I’ve ever participated in, it seems that everyone here is making extremely conscious choices about how they want to live well in the world.

So I don’t know exactly what has driven each person to strike out on their own, but this assemblage of pre-retirement RVers is something far more significant than simply a group of younger people who like to drive around.

I’m still thinking about it, and think my inability to fully sum up the complexity of (my experience of) the rally has delayed my posting about it.

If you want to read some great postings about the event, check out Sara’s at


If you are ever near Gonzales, Texas, stay at Hill Shade RV Park! (Run by the pretty blonde girl with dreads.)

If you want to connect with other younger RVers, join NuRVers.

And thanks to Jonathan and Dasy for taking care of the really important things.

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