Two weeks in the RV

Two weeks in and it is already a journey!

crazy auntStrangely, this experience reminds me of when I first enrolled in graduate school – feeling the fulfillment of a long time dream, but also feeling the terror and exhaustion that comes with change and immersion learning.

It is not a terror that makes me wish I could return to a traditional home, but is often about (already) dealing with the social implications of choosing a lifestyle that is so radically different.

I have an out of town event that I need to attend next month, and was surprised to realize there was panic that I might show up in my motorhome. These are people I care about, a lot, and it never occurred to me that my motorhome would be so embarrassing to them.

I guess I am going to get to learn how to navigate this new space of, “If I am embarrassing to you, then maybe you shouldn’t invite me.”  Still, it is new and weird and it is a special event.  I don’t want to embarrass the celebrant, so I haven’t really decided what to do.

The good news is that I’ll be attending the Days of the Nu RV Rally in Gonzales, Texas this weekend. It will be wonderful to meet so many of the people who’ve inspired me to make this leap!


33 days until I leave for the Arctic!


Note: Since more that one person has told me they aren’t able to hear videos, I’ve posted a link to a transcript under each one. (You have to click the link and then download the transcript document.) I will do that for any other videos I post, since I will probably doing more videos as I hit the road.

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