Living in my RV!

I am so excited about my RV that I moved into her almost immediately.

I’ve spent the first two nights drycamping at the Texas Gulf Coast. This whole experience is overwhelming and amazing and terrifying. Half the time I am excited out of my mind and the other half I am so scared about what I’ve done that I feel sick. I have learned more about RVs in the last two days than I have in all of my research.

Here is a short video from my very first night at the Gulf Coast.

It is Easter Sunday and I’m almost out of propane for my generator (my generator will give me about two nights of air conditioning, but at a cost of $20 a night), so now I am plugged in at my husband’s house.

I’ve taken pages and pages of notes and recorded battery voltage, propane tank levels, and water usage over the two days of dry camping. My guess is that without using air conditioning, I could probably make it almost a week without hook ups. I hope to install three new deep cycle batteries and an inverter before I take off. (I only have one house battery and it faired poorly on my hydrometer readings.) I still have so much to learn about wattage and usage as it compares to battery capacities.

I have learned a lot, though. I can’t believe that I wrote or can even comprehend the preceding paragraph.

I will be back in Austin for auto mechanics Monday through Thursday each week until May 17th. (I leave for the Arctic on May 23rd.) My hope is that I can post more about how these first few days have gone. It is an intense and thrilling experience!

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