Monthly Archives: April 2010

My First RV Rally!

“We needed a place for the freaks, the weirdos, and the human beings.”
It is the last evening of the NuRVers Rally and co-founder and organizer Kevin is addressing the group. We’ve just finished up four days of potluck dinners (with organic and vegan options), educational seminars (veggie oil conversions for your RV), jewelry making, costume [...]

Solo RVing

I pull in to the state park, overtired and lonely, more interested in getting some cheap hook ups and a private parking spot than viewing the nearby series of waterfalls.
It is an unusually cold and wet day and the park is empty. As I pull up to my site, the damp fire pit, empty picnic [...]

Two weeks in the RV

Two weeks in and it is already a journey!
Strangely, this experience reminds me of when I first enrolled in graduate school – feeling the fulfillment of a long time dream, but also feeling the terror and exhaustion that comes with change and immersion learning.
It is not a terror that makes me wish I could return [...]

View from the Motorhome, April 17, 2010

An extraordinary morning of heavy rain followed by blue skies and lots of birds, including three redbirds, playing in the trees outside my window.

Living in my car, uncut

Less exciting than it sounds. I am too overwhelmed to write a blog post! In lieu of that, here are some snapshots and unedited videos of my first week in the RV.

First night in RV Park transcript

With Joey transcript
I am alternatively thrilled and terrified, still. I love it so much, but have moments of really [...]

Living in my RV!

I am so excited about my RV that I moved into her almost immediately.
I’ve spent the first two nights drycamping at the Texas Gulf Coast. This whole experience is overwhelming and amazing and terrifying. Half the time I am excited out of my mind and the other half I am so scared about what I’ve [...]

My Mini!

It took me longer to get out of Houston than planned, but I wanted to show you the interior of my new Mini! (Sorry for the wind noise at the beginning.)
I’ve got my house rented starting May 15th. After all this waiting and planning, it feels like everything is happening fast. I am so excited [...]