Dreaming of Solo Women

I have been radically rethinking my radical rethinking and my brain is worn out. I am learning so much from you as I plan and process. It is impossible for me to imagine what this ’solitary’ journey would look like without you.dont_follow_me_sign

One thing I’ve realized is that I’ve woven in a lot of different things together and tried to call them one thing. I’ve got (at least) these three things going:

1) Wanting a simpler material existence

2) Wanting adventure

3) Wanting to run away

I had a strange dream last night. I was selling some of my really expensive designer clothes, and I had collected them in a bag that looked like my Meals on Wheels delivery bag. A woman was looking at them and I realized I had mistakenly included a favorite old denim skirt that I’d wanted to keep.

The dream included Alison from Alison travels (she was looking at the clothes I was selling) and a woman who had received electro-shock therapy for her shingles. I am obviously dreaming about this blog and solo women travelers, but can’t quite figure out what it all means.

This will be a good dream to discuss in analysis on Wednesday.

Your comments last week mean more to me than you can imagine. Thank you!

Take care,


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