Blogus Interruptus

I need to take a short break from this blog. I am sick of myself and my writing is starting to feel like narcissistic navel gazing.

All of my plans are still on. But, of course, I need to be more flexible and patient with regard to this journey.  (Two things that seem to be a theme in things I am learning here from you.)

I need to focus on selling the house and getting out of debt first. After that, I can focus on buying an RV and taking my trip.

My hope is that all this happens this summer, but I am putting too much pressure on myself with deadlines. Goals and targets are good, but my arbitrary deadlines are kind of stupid and outside the scope of what I am truly hoping to accomplish.

I feel so grateful for the kind guidance I get from you all. I don’t know why you take the time to help me out (and others who are reading this?), but I do appreciate it. I feel like I must owe someone, somewhere, a huge payment. Maybe I just owe the universe a repayment of the kindness shown here to me.

I am not quitting the blog, but I do need to take a break to think or, better said, to stop thinking so much about myself.

I hope you are all doing well!

I will post an update on Monday.

Take care,


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