Auto Mechanics, day one

“Do you know where the Automotive Tech course is meeting?”

I’ve walked down an alleyway and am standing in front of a man working in a garage. Nothing around here looks like a classroom.

mechanic-400x295Which class are you looking for?” turning toward me as he wipes his hands on a rag.

“Automotive Tech.” I start to blush as my confidences leaves me.

Kindly guiding me to the classroom, his presence as I enter makes me feel like I’m being dropped off by a supervising parent.

“Thank you so much.” I move to find a seat as twelve men and an instructor glance up at me.

Instructor, “Okay. Let’s make sure everyone is in the right place. This is Automotive Tech. Is everyone here for Automotive Tech?”

I nod with the other students.

“Well, then, looks like we are all in the right place, so, uh, let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves. Just tell us your name and why you are here.”

One student is telling a story about an engine rebuild and everyone is laughing, uproariously. I sit quietly, not getting the joke, as my anxiety increases.

I sneeze.

The storyteller pauses and turns toward me. A chorus of thirteen “Bless yous!” greet me in unison.

I sneeze again. Now class seems to have stopped as another chorus of “Bless yous!” are directed my way.

Please God. Help me stop sneezing.

Introductions finally finish (I’d cryptically offered up something about moving into an RV) and the instructor gives his lecture on safety procedures, shop tools, and grading.

gogirlI am better able to understand the simpler language of the instructor, who seems more intent on speaking at a student level. As he was teaching, my nervousness was changing into a bit of enthusiasm.

Speaking with him after class, “I know it is probably obvious, but I don’t know anything. I don’t even understand the tool list. Do you think I am in over my head?”

He was very encouraging, insisting that if I read the textbook and do the exercises, I will begin to understand.

“Don’t worry. If you work hard, you will pass. It just might be hard to make an A.”

So I’ll be the worst student in the class, but the others students are really nice. And I am really excited to learn this stuff!

Tomorrow is my first day of Automotive Electrical Systems. It is the basic class on batteries, wiring, and electrical accessories. My instructor said it would be helpful for RV stuff.

Anyway, I’d better cut this short, as I have three chapters to read!

Take care,


Countup: 58 days of sobriety!

Countdown: 99 days until I move into my RV!

Only one couple has looked at my house. : (


P.S. . I’ve tried to comment on a couple of your Blogspot blogs lately, but can’t. Blogspot won’t ever verify my Wordpress ID.  I think a lot of people have that problem, so if you allow the anonymous or name/url option, then it works.

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