Fickle Girls

It’s Friday night and I am engaged in my usual pastime -  alone, online, and looking for my dream motorhome.

Getting close to 90 days out from moving into my RV, I am starting to feel the pressure. Nervousness about my house sale has me scaling back my budget.

To my surprise, I find a new listing about 225 miles away. It is almost exactly what I have been thinking I want –  a 25 ft Winnebago Minnie with a rear kitchen, V10 engine, and E450 chassis. A 2003 with about 30,000 miles, this girl looks pretty good to me.

For the first time, I had this feeling, “I think she might be THE ONE”

I call my sister Joey at 6 pm, “I am driving to this dealership tomorrow for a test drive. It is the original one I wanted last spring and almost exactly what I rented in April.”

It is after hours, so I send an email to the dealership. On the road by 8:30 am, I call again to confirm when they open at 9:00.

“Do you still have the Minnie Winnie on the lot? I am driving from Austin to test drive it.”

“Yes ma’am”

she-shot-me-down-album-cover“Okay, I am still south of Waco, so should be there by 12:30. See you then!”

I drive straight to the small dealership, spotting my Winnie among their limited inventory.

He gives me a tour, going over what I already know V10, E450 chassis, 2003 with about 30,000 miles. Guided by you guys, I ask about the tires. “Are these original?”

“I don’t know,” he replies. A skeptical look from me, “Well, probably.”

He stands around while I make a pretty extensive tour. I push and pull on everything, crawl up on the bunk, look for leaks (no front window on this unit!), stand in the shower, open every cabinet, check out under the dinette benches to see what I’d be contending with if I wanted to remove it.

“Okay, so can we take her out for a test drive?”

A hesitant pause from him, “Well, we limit our test drives only to serious buyers.”

Me, “I drove 225 miles to test drive this unit.”

He relents.

I pull out of the lot and onto the access road. Before we get to the onramp he suggests I make the turn to return to the dealership.

Me, “Oh, I’d like to take it on the freeway.”

Again, a reluctant acquiescence.

As soon as I get on the freeway, “You can exit here to turn around.”

Exasperated, “Why don’t you let people test drive your RVs?”

“Well, we do, but we only let people really drive on their second visit so we know they are serious. If you come back, you can take it for a longer drive.”

That was a bad first date.


Countup: Still in sobriety…

Countdown:101 days until I move into my RV!

Oh My God. Auto Mechanics class starts tomorrow!

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