Make the bad man stop

I’m up late and up early to prepare for the photography session for my house.

Ann, my agent, is here before the photographer ‘just to see how things look.’ Her quick preview evolves into her sweeping the entire street in front of my house and hauling off bags of leaves. (Not my yard – the street. Should I have thought to sweep the street?)


Secret Roommates

She brings in more flowers and more vases from her car. Then a loud rumbling across the ceiling. We both glance upward.

Ann, “Jennifer, I think you might have something living your attic.”

“Yeah, I just noticed that about a week or two ago. I think it might be a squirrel that moved in during the cold spell.”

Ann, “You’ll either have to take care of that now or at inspection.”

It wasn’t a squirrel. It was a rat infestation.

So, $185 dollars later and I should no longer have rats in the attic.

Family members have told me that I really have to worry about the high maintenance costs of an RV.

Are those RV maintenance costs going to be more or less than those that I’ve recently incurred with this house?


Countup: 51 one days of… for the love of God someone get me a drink!

Countdown: 107 days until I move into my RV!

Auto mechanics classes start in less that a week!

My house will be officially listed this weekend!


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