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I bought my house for $262,00 in June of 2007. (There were multiple bids on the house, so I overbid the asking price of $259,000.)

The original structure was a 630 sq ft one bedroom/one bath home built in 1943.

When I bought my house, someone had already added about 250 sq ft in a big room across the back, bringing the house to about 880 sq ft. The back room had a stained concrete slab for a floor.

found it

This is starting to look good

I turned that back room into a second living and second bedroom (which are about the same size as the front living and bedroom). I added carpet throughout.

I also enlarged the tiny original bathroom by appropriating interior space from the hot water heater closet (upgraded to exterior tankless), a front bedroom clothes closet, and a few feet from the kitchen. The bath was almost completely updated.

Those upgrades came in at about $18K. Add the $4K in upgrades in getting the house ready for sale, and I have about $284K invested in my house. (I owe $238K.)

My real estate agent says that home prices in Central Austin have stayed pretty stable compared to the rest of the country, so I was surprised when she showed me a bunch of comparables and suggested my home should list for about $265K.

In my typical obsessive compulsive researching style, I have always kept up with listings in my neighborhood via email notification.  I feel, very strongly, that my house should list for $299K. (In my view, her numbers were skewed by homes much closer to the Interstate as well as several in a flood plain.)

I would rather subsidize a rental than lock in a loss on my house.

So, $299K is the list price.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

RV question: If I wanted to start out with a cheaper RV, something like a 5-7 year old 25 foot Class C, how hard would it be for me to upgrade a year later if I wanted something nicer? Aren’t they really hard to sell? I would be upgrading to a nicer used model, not trading in for a new model.


Countup: 49 days of sobriety. This is not easy.

Countdown: 109 days until I move into my RV?!

One week until auto mechanics!

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