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If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll remember that I used to have panic attacks about this blog. (I mean, really serious anxiety attacks where I almost deleted the whole thing in the middle of the night because I was freaking out.)

friendsI was thinking about this because yesterday Joey (the only person who reads my blog and knows me in real life) sent me a message saying, “Everyone who reads your blog would never believe how shy you are in person!”

That made me realize, wow, I have gotten really comfortable talking to you guys. In fact, I have gotten really comfortable talking to you about the worst parts of myself!

So, I hope the blog is enjoyable for you, because it has been incredibly helpful to me.

(As an aside, some people have asked how I could have been a stripper if I am so shy. The issue is that I get paralyzed with shyness when I have to talk about myself. I didn’t have to do that when I was stripping.)

Meeting with my real estate agent

Ann said the updates on my house looked great. But, regrettably, she didn’t have comparable sales to start talking about a list price.  (She asked if she could use the time to have her interior designer stage my house, so they spent two hours doing that instead.)

She did say that a house down the street recently sold for $400K, but I can’t believe that would be comparable to my house. From my research, I am thinking I would list at about $299K. She will be here Friday afternoon to go over recent sales, so I should know the list price then!

In the meantime, I updated my spreadsheet on house sale numbers.

Credit Card Debt: Believe it or not, my credit card debt has dropped a little bit. (It was about $50K when I created the spreadsheet last fall, but down to about $44,500 when I started writing about it in October. It is about $43,000 now.)

RV Down Payment: I’ve decided to sell my car for my down payment, so that $10K has been removed as an expense.

Original Post: If you want a chart to explain each of the headings, you can see the original post.

Sale Price Less Selling Fees Cash Net after Mtg pay off CC Debt RV Down CC Paid CC Remains Gain/Loss on House purchase/upgrades
$319,000 $296,670 $57,670 $43,000 0 $57,670 -$14,670 $12,670
$309,000 $287,370 $48,370 $43,000 0 $48,370 -$5,370 $3,370
$305,000 $283,650 $44,650 $43,000 0 $44,650 -$1,650 $350
$299,000 $278,070 $39,070 $43,000 0 $39,070 $3,930 $5,930
$289,000 $268,770 $29,770 $43,000 0 $29,770 $13,230 $15,230
$279,000 $259,470 $20,470 $43,000 0 $20,470 $22,530 $24,530
$269,000 $250,170 $11,170 $43,000 0 $11,170 $31,830 $33,830

With a sale price of $299K, I would have about $4,000 credit card debt remaining.  Thinking in smaller numbers helps curtail my desire to spend $500 at a time, so I am going to see how much of that $4,000 I can get paid down between now and the sale.

Hope you are doing well!




Countup: 44 days of sobriety!

Countdown: 114 days until I move into my RV!

12 days until Auto Mechancs!


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