A brown turtleneck

I went online to buy this brown turtleneck that was on sale for $25.90.


Then I decided that since I wear these almost everyday, I should order four.

Then I saw this Steve Madden jacket. Man, that would look great over a brown turtleneck.


50% off and marked down to $48.90.

Then I saw these boots. Wow, this is an outfit.

nord550% off and marked down to $74.90

I’m going to love my new jacket! Oh, look at this jacket!


35% off and marked down to $59.90

Then I saw these pajamas. I need pajamas!

nord250% off and marked down to $37.90

I need a new pair of jeans to wear with my new jackets!


Not on sale. $155.

I spent $546.89

I am more ashamed of this behavior than anything I have written so far. I used to compulsively shop online. I haven’t done so in over a year.

I am halfway through a family size box of Hot Tamales candy. (The only sweet thing I could find in the house.)

I think I need to get more serious about my 12 step recovery program.

This week I am going to set the goal to do two recovery things that I haven’t done yet:

1) Call one woman in AA and talk to her.

2) Share in the beginner’s meeting on Thursday night. (I blush painfully when speaking about myself in a group. I mean, I think it is even painful for the people watching me! This is going to make me puke.)


Countup: 43 days of not drinking

Countdown: 115 days until I move into my RV

Mechanics classes start January 19th.

Real estate agent comes TODAY.


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