Twenty four hours in an 8 by 7 room

“You’re not going anywhere,” Joey announces as I am packing my overnight bag in the back of her RV.

I’m out of meds and really need to get home.

“It is snow, sleet, and ice all across Interstate 35 today,” she continues.

I slump down onto her couch and ask her to show me the weather radar. A swath of pink and blue is sweeping from the southwest to the northeast. The storm blocks my path for the next 24 hours.

Poor Joey, she opened up her back room for me as an overnight guest and has ended up with a semi-permanent roommate for the last four days.

I’m not sure how it has been for her, but I’ve loved it. It has been so much fun to stay in an RV for a few days. I especially love experiencing how comfortable such an affordable RV can be.

Uh oh, all the power just went out, so that is the end of this blog post.



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