Should I share my blog with my family?

I haven’t left the Family Shelter yet. I’ve enjoyed my visit here so much that I don’t want to leave. I don’t know if I am getting better at hanging out with people or if there is something about this junky little house that makes everyone more comfortable.

HomeI talked pretty openly about my trip to the Arctic this time. (One sister had told some family members that I was driving to Antarctica, so I had to clear that up.)

With the exception of my oldest brother Jimmy, most are becoming supportive. Jimmy, on the other hand, is still very concerned. He is certain that terrible things await me on this trip and I don’t know how to reassure him.

My trip actually ended up being the central topic one afternoon — not a typical role for me in our family dynamic. Everyone came out to Joey’s RV so they could see the map of my route as well as a picture of my (most recent) RV selection. That was pretty fun.

So, now that they seem interested and supportive, I am wondering if I could share my blog with them. I definitely wouldn’t do it right now, but wonder about sharing when I take off for my trip in May.

I am sort of in love with this private space and the connections I have made here, so feel kind of protective about it. I don’t know if I am being too private and paranoid or not. I would have to warn them that I’ve been very candid about my life.

Ah well, like the RV, at least I don’t have to make that decision right away.

Talk to you tomorrow,



Countup:  35 days of sobriety

Countdown: 122 days until I move into my RV!

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