RV Slumber Party

I’m in Bedford, Texas, at the Family Homeless Shelter.

Actually, I am in the driveway of the Family Homeless Shelter, in my sister Joey’s RV, sitting on a twin mattress that I dragged out of the garage.  I’m freezing my ass off.

Joey’s RV is a 1997 Fleetwood Bounder. She’s ripped out every piece of furniture and re-filled the space with soft carpets, giant pillows, and lots of plants. The front part looks kind of like a zen garden. This is a funky, artistic RV.

Joey's RV

I am kind of boring compared to Joey.  I am not going to rip out and redesign everything. Right now, I think I want a 2007 Winnebago View/Itasca Navion, a 23 ft diesel class C.

Why I like the View/Navion:

  • I realized that I would not have been able to take my spectacular September journey through Utah if I had been driving a big ass diesel pusher with a tow vehicle. (Or, at least, I never would have risked taking the route that I took.)
  • I realized that I could sell my car (for approximately $10K) and apply those extra funds toward my credit card debt. (With a 23 ft RV, I wouldn’t have a second vehicle.)
  • I learned that I will probably do the most driving in my first year and so might prefer a vehicle that is designed for moving around.
  • I realized that I was on an unhealthy continuum where larger/more private = more desirable.
  • I think I was attached to the big rig because I felt cool driving it, or felt like it represented my transcendence of some level of fear with regard to vehicles and freeways.
  • I have also realized that there is a reasonably wide range of options that will work for me, so I am not fretting too much.

Sorry for the lame post, but, as stated previous, I am sitting on a twin mattress on the floor of a wobbly RV, freezing my ass off.

Joey just took a picture of me.

Jenny in Joey's RV

Back room, not so zen.

Now she just handed me a hot water bottle to keep me warm. It looks like something out of the movie Sybil.

All right. I’ll be back in Austin tomorrow.

Talk to you soon!



Countup: 34 days of sobriety!

Countdown:123 days until I move into my RV!

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