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Okay, seriously, no surprise, I am planning to buy something much smaller than the class A I test drove. I am going to write more about that later, but wanted to thank you all for sharing your experience and opinions last week.

I know some of you have expressed reluctance about sharing your opinions or concern that they were overwhelming me, but I want to clarify that I always appreciate them and absolutely believe that my being frustrated serves me very well.

I mean, I would be really sad if you all said, “I don’t give a sh*t, buy whatever you want.”

Anyway, with the new plan for a smaller RV, I have to re-think my fitness plan. I know my original wish to have the Stairmaster with me might sound strange (though I think Clarke suggested he might try to do that one day?), but let me explain…

I have to work out very regularly. If I don’t, my mental health goes bad.

If you’ve seen pictures of me, you might notice that I am very, very pale. I cannot tolerate sun at all, so have to wear a heavy zinc oxide sunscreen on my face and on any exposed skin. (You know, the white stuff that you use to see on lifeguard’s noses, but newer versions are a bit more transparent.)

If you try to work out outside with the zinc oxide on, two things happen. First, you overheat immediately. Second the critical zinc oxide starts melting off your body. (Oh, and third, I start having a panic attack.)

So, I can cover my skin with sunscreen and UV clothing to go on a nice leisurely hike, but I can’t go outside and get the hard core workout that I need.

Hence, my love of indoor aerobic fitness equipment. Thirty minutes on the machine and I am good. Then I can take my leisurely hike in the park.

So, now I am shopping RVs and alternative (intensive) fitness options…

my rv



On another note, a couple of you asked me if there was an email notification option for this blog and I told you no. Well, um, I guess some of you know that I obviously had no idea what I was talking about. If you click on “Register” on the bottom right hand corner, that should take you through the process to get blog postings emailed to you. (When I am logged in I don’t have that button, so I didn’t see it.)


Countup: 29 days of sobriety! (30 days tomorrow!)

Countdown: 129 days until I move into my tiny ass RV!

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