RV Driving School?

As I think about getting down to Roman Holiday to test drive the Winnebago Journey, I’ve realized that I need to figure out how I am going to get a lot more time behind the wheel of a big ass diesel pusher before I make my final purchase decision.

So, I was thinking that I should suck it up and spend the cash on a four day class A rental.

Jenny's Big AdventureI know I can’t rent the model I would eventually purchase, but (before I make the decision that a big rig is what I actually want) I’d like to get a feel for driving a one around.  I need to know that I am comfortable getting gas, getting into campgrounds, managing corners, etc.

I found a local rental company, American Dream Vacations, who said they can prepare all levels of drivers to drive one of their diesel pushers.

After a lesson from them, I could then drive the rig down to the RV Driving School in Mission, Texas. They provide a more extensive two day driving course for $475. (I’ve called before to enroll, but learned you have to provide your own RV.)

A quick estimate on what it would cost:

Four day rental: $1,375 (online reservation estimate; includes taxes and mileage overage)
Driving school:      $475
650 miles gas:      $275
Estimate:          $2,125

So, this will probably cost me about $2,500.

What do you think?

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