Getting out of my crazy brain

I can be pretty self absorbed, especially when I don’t feel well.

So, in a desperate attempt to knock myself out of my trying-to-not-drink agitation, I decided that I should take some recently given advice with regard to getting out of myself by giving back.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a book called 29 Gifts by Cami Walker. The cover looked a little sugar-coated and flowery for me when I got it, so it sat unread in a big stack of books (mostly about the Arctic) on my sofa.

29 giftsI finally picked it up the other night. The basic story is this: Cami was a 32 year old woman suffering terribly from MS. She was in chronic pain and addicted to her medication. Out of her mind in misery and with no idea what to do, she finally took the advice of a medicine woman, Mbali, who, ignoring Cami’s very real and seemingly unbearable plight, prescribed that Cami give away 29 gifts over 29 days.

I figured if this disabled, chronically fatigued, suffering woman can find the energy to do that (and then write an inspiring book about it), I should at least try the exercise.

Day one was easy, since I still had to shop for my adopted Christmas family. My family consists of a 21 year old girl who transitioned out of foster care and her two children, a two year old daughter and four month old baby boy. For Christmas they want a double stroller, dishes, and baby clothes. I ordered their gifts online.

Day two was also kind of easy. I had a $20 credit on that I have let sit for months without relending. Today I added $30 to my account and loaned out $25 to a Peruvian woman named Yoli, a 33 year old mother who is trying to grow a small clothing business.  (This might sound crass and strategic, but, since I have to do this for 29 days, I am saving the remaining $25 for another day.)

I can’t actually afford to spend my way through this exercise, so (while on my way to an expensive hair color appt) was interested by a sign draped across the road declaring, “Meals on Wheels Needs You!” I figured that might get me four or five days over the next few weeks, so when I got home I sent them an email.

I won’t get to do that one until next week at the earliest, so I have to find something else for day three.

I’ll need to weave in simpler and cheaper gifts (Cami’s gifts are sometimes phone calls, listening to someone in need, etc.), but those three were readily available and easy to do.

I already feel the nervousness of impending (blog-public) failure, so am going to declare up front that I will set the goal of doing 29 gifts in 29 days, but may not do this perfectly.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


postscript: I tried to write about my AA meeting(s), but I was a little too warped to do so. I’ll probably reflect on it over the weekend and post on Monday.

postscript II: If you are blogging, please feel free to post links to your recent blogs in your comments. Many people don’t know or notice that your name is clickable, so explicit links or references are helpful.  (Oh, but sometimes my spam filter holds comments with links; I push them through when I log on.)

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!


Countup: 10 days of no drinking!

Countdown: 147 days until I move into my RV!

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