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See you tomorrow,

Twenty four hours in an 8 by 7 room

“You’re not going anywhere,” Joey announces as I am packing my overnight bag in the back of her RV.
I’m out of meds and really need to get home.
“It is snow, sleet, and ice all across Interstate 35 today,” she continues.
I slump down onto her couch and ask her to show me the weather radar. A [...]

Should I share my blog with my family?

I haven’t left the Family Shelter yet. I’ve enjoyed my visit here so much that I don’t want to leave. I don’t know if I am getting better at hanging out with people or if there is something about this junky little house that makes everyone more comfortable.
I talked pretty openly about my trip to [...]

RV Slumber Party

I’m in Bedford, Texas, at the Family Homeless Shelter.
Actually, I am in the driveway of the Family Homeless Shelter, in my sister Joey’s RV, sitting on a twin mattress that I dragged out of the garage.  I’m freezing my ass off.
Joey’s RV is a 1997 Fleetwood Bounder. She’s ripped out every piece of furniture and [...]

Merry Christmas

I am heading up to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to spend Christmas Eve with my family.
I enjoyed this post from Technomadia today: Then and Now
I hope you all have a happy holiday and see you next Monday!

30 days sober and my first day of volunteering

“Here comes Meals on Wheels,” a bored voice flatly calls out.
I am ineffectively trying to keep two bags of food from falling off my makeshift dolly when I hear the woman announce my arrival. I’m in the lobby of a large low income housing facility and a bit turned around.
“Hi,” I reply to the woman, [...]

Oh my god I found it

Okay, seriously, no surprise, I am planning to buy something much smaller than the class A I test drove. I am going to write more about that later, but wanted to thank you all for sharing your experience and opinions last week.
I know some of you have expressed reluctance about sharing your opinions or concern [...]


Interstate 35 is congested and I’m stuck behind a slow moving tractor trailer. Eyeing the passing lane, I realize that my economy hatchback can’t garner enough speed to safely move into the faster traffic.
I’ve made it halfway home and have about a hundred miles to go. I slow down behind the truck, keeping my eye [...]

How do you shut your brain off without a bottle of wine?

I haven’t figured that out yet. I am completely worn out. (I am still sober.)
I recognize that there are no perfect solutions, but my brain sometimes won’t stop as I continually go in search of one.
As has been so kindly suggested, I need to stop writing about RV shopping and selection for a few days [...]

I drove it

I finally drove the Winnebago Journey! Much easier to drive than I thought, but big, lumbering, and even needed a jump to get started.
I also drove a Fleetwood Pulse. (A diesel class C on the Sprinter chassis). That was one hot little thing, but too pricey for me.
I am going to take your advice, once [...]

I’m going driving today

I’ve had to think too much, so now my brain is too tired to write a nice long post.
I am headed to Roman Holiday Motorhomes to test drive the big rig and a Sprinter class C.  I am also going to sit in them for a very long time.
I’ve got all of my adopted family’s [...]

RV Driving School?

As I think about getting down to Roman Holiday to test drive the Winnebago Journey, I’ve realized that I need to figure out how I am going to get a lot more time behind the wheel of a big ass diesel pusher before I make my final purchase decision.
So, I was thinking that I should [...]

My girl is in town!

Being pretty settled on the 2000ish Winnebago Journey, I am constantly searching the online RV sites to learn more about inventory and pricing for that model.
I have also been trying to plan a trip back to PPL in Houston (a three hour drive from here), so that I can test drive the Journey they have [...]

This post is going to give me a panic attack

I keep wanting to write about my not-drinking and my going to AA, but everything I write I throw away. It just comes out too weird and contorted.
So, I am just going to write a big messy post about it.
I’ve been going to meetings, but haven’t been sharing or introducing myself. They ask for people [...]

I’m tired.

I am getting a new roof today.
I’m headed to my training for Meals on Wheels this afternoon!
I’m on Day 10 of my giving.
I’m still going to AA meetings.
I found this great new debt management video:

Countup: 16 days of no drinking!
(I don’t feel sane enough to call it sobriety yet.)
Countdown: 141 days until I move into [...]