Monthly Archives: November 2009

The joy of sucking at things

I am now officially enrolled in my auto mechanics courses!
I have to start dressing differently, because, once again, I felt a little sheepish in my heels. (I was out running other errands, so don’t laugh at me James.)
It is such a strange departure for me to be enrolling in this program, as I have no [...]

This may have been futile

I worked hard on my house.  Joel worked extremely hard on my house. (And I did pay him his daily rate and for materials – about $1,000 total.)
But I don’t know if all of our work was a waste of time.
After all the scraping, sanding, and repainting, I’m not sure the exterior of my house [...]

I adopted a family!

I used to hate the holiday season. Like a lot of us, the excessive materialism would leave me feeling more cynical than celebratory.
And (as noted way too many times by me, I promise to stop), I live in a tiny house. I have no space for extra coffee mugs, candle holders, and the novelty picture [...]

Return of the Wimp

I like to act tough. I like to seem strong. I like for people to think that I can kick ass.
After I do that, I usually run in my room and hide for a few days.
That is what I did today.
Working on my house kicked my ass.

Getting my ass kicked, part I

My real estate agent told me that if I want to list my house for over $300K, I have to have my house and garage scraped, painted, and re-roofed.
In my new era of self-reliance (and with the help of my builder brother), I decided to do the home improvements myself.
I felt like a bad ass [...]

Telling you horrible things is amazingly cathartic

(This is part three in an unexpected series of totally inappropriate disclosures.)
I’m supposed to be writing about selling my house and shopping for an RV in anticipation of my drive to the Arctic Ocean. Instead, I have started spontaneously telling you all of these terrible things about myself.
Now, I promise to get back to RV [...]

The upside of having had a 9mm in your mouth

Some people think that having a complete mental breakdown is just terrible. And, yes, I agree, there is a lot that sucks about it. But there is an upside.
After that moment, you don’t worry about the same stupid shit anymore. You don’t care if you drive a piece of shit car or if you publicly [...]

That didn’t go so well.

I have received so much generous encouragement for my planned adventure that I think my Internet reality has skewed my immediate reality.
Having dinner at a recent family get together.
Unnamed family member,”So, Jennifer, what have you been  up to?”
Me, “Well, not much,” pausing, I tentatively offer,  “I think I might sell my house.”
Unnamed family member, “Really? [...]

Oh my god that was easy!

I still had a bunch of items that Lifeworks didn’t want to take, but that I needed to get rid of before my brother arrives on Thursday.
So I moved it out to my curb this morning and posted a quick email to my Neighborhood Association.
From: Jennifer <>
Date: Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 9:46 AM
Subject: Free [...]

She read it.

I am in the middle of cleaning out my garage and getting rid of more stuff! Yeah!
I will just copy and paste Joey’s response to my blog. The p.s.  line made me laugh.

Love love love your blog… your style and humor of communicating.
I was laughing nervously when talking about me.. .. Lol.. [...]