My house is looking good; me, not so much

My house is starting to come together.

One bad thing is that my brother said we can’t do the roof ourselves, as there are already two (maybe three) layers of shingles that need to be removed.

hidingI called a roofing company to get an estimate on roof removal and replacement, as well as just on removal (where we would still do the install).

So far I have spent:

$700 First payment to Joel
$250 Materials (first trip)
$600 Second payment to Joel
$120 Materials (second trip)
$1,670 Total Spent

I am not sure what my estimate will be on the roof. (I have to re-roof both my house and my garage, which are 880 and 600 square feet, respectively.)

With having to pay for the roof, I am definitely going to be spending more than I expected.

I should find out tomorrow how much it will cost.

I know it is not coming through in my flat prose, but I actually am feeling very excited about the progress. (I’m just really tired.)


Countdown: 158 days until I move into my RV!


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