But I kind of wanted to keep those

You LiveI look forward to getting rid of my house.

I look forward to getting rid of my furniture.

I have major separation anxiety with getting rid of my books.

My real estate agent said I have to move out the bookcases that are barring my front door. (I’m working on that issue.)

I have already cut my library in half once. When I moved into this tiny house, I went through my books, one by one, deciding who got to stay in the house and who was going to be relegated to a box in the garage.

bye books


Now, to stage my home for sale, I have to cut my library in half, once again.

So, I sat on my living room floor and sorted my books, one by one.

After several painstaking hours, I finally did it.

Half of my (already halved) home library was packed into twelve book boxes and shipped off to my new storage space.

Now people can get through my front door!

I’m definitely ready to move.



Mission Accomplished


Countdown: 163 days until I move into my RV!


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