I think this might be my girl


I have done a pathological amount of research, but feel like I am honing in on what I’d like to buy!

I am really attached to the 2000-ish Winnebago Journey, so hope I can get something like this or very close.

What I like:

  • Diesel Pusher
  • 36 feet
  • Has that Cummins Engine that all the guys have told me I need to get.
  • Has that Allison Transmission that all the guys have told me I need to get.
  • Has slide outs
  • Has the perfect floorplan for me. (Two front couches; I’ll remove one to install my Stairmaster and bookcase.)
  • Most have told me that Winnebago makes pretty good quality coaches for their price point.

What is not so good:

  • I’ve heard (from Clarke) that the 275 hp might be underpowered.
  • More than one person said this has a 4 or 5 speed transmission. Does that mean underpowered, again?
  • It has a propane generator, which I’ve heard can be a pain if you boondock. (But I will probably almost always be camping in an RV park.)

I have seen enough of these for sale to feel reasonably confident that I could find one when I am able to purchase. There is one on Ebay with a “Buy it Now” for $45,000 and one at PPL listed for $47,000. (I have to wait for my house to sell before I can buy.)

Oh, and I like that it’s called Journey.

I think I’ll just tell everyone that I bought it because I liked the name.

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