I’m really honest because I’m really lazy

Oh my!

I am posting all kinds of really personal information on this blog.

I guess this site is sort of anonymous, but my pictures are all over it.

My husband keeps saying, “Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want to see on the cover of the New York Times.”

(Not to suggest that the New York Times would ever care about him or me; it is just his measure for whether or not something should ever be put in print and/or in an email.)

I tend to be pretty candid in person, but I guess the reality is that I just don’t speak to many people.


dear me

The other reality and/or confusion is that I don’t understand why I shouldn’t share this stuff.

That during the years that I made the most money in my life, I generated the highest credit card debt of my life.

Or that I got really, really sick and wanted to kill myself.

Don’t people do these things? I mean, don’t I read about this stuff all over the place?

I guess I am really honest, but a part of me thinks that I am just too tired and/or lazy to try to manufacture some better version.

Also, when you are really candid, other people start telling you a lot of their shit.

And, it seems to me, at one time or another, life kicks everyone’s ass.

So why is that supposed to be such a secret?

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