I am so damn curious about you

One of my “issues” is that when I meet people, I am completely fascinated.

I can be obsessively curious and want to know every detail about their life, thoughts, plans, opinions, etc.curiosity-killed-the-cat

In my view, it is like reading a book. I always get some new twist, quirk, or perspective that knocks around what I think, feel, or imagine about something.

So, this “issue” means that I rarely talk about myself. That is why this blog is kind of a weird breakthrough for me. (And also why I have panic attacks about it.)

So, despite my progress, I am obsessively curious about who is reading this blog. I am dying to know who you are, where you are, what you do, etc.

I have a stats tracker and can see that people are here that don’t talk to me.

I don’t think you will, but wanted you to know I’m curious.

(I have found some of your blogs, though. ; )

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