Sometimes this blogging completely freaks me out

I get panic attacks about this blog.

It usually happens right before I go to bed. I just start freaking out and getting really afraid.

But I really have no idea what it is that I am afraid of.On the couch

People typically describe me as extremely private. But it’s not because I am ashamed of anything, I am just sort of that weird loner person who hangs out by herself.

I really like people. But I usually like for people to talk to me, not for me to talk to them.

My analyst thinks that my blogging about myself is a good thing. It’s like I am finally talking about myself and not just being that person that listens to everyone else.

I told her last week that I was kind of freaking out about it, but she encouraged me to continue.

I have analysis this morning.

I’m sure you guys will be the topic, once again.

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