She read it.

I am in the middle of cleaning out my garage and getting rid of more stuff! Yeah!

I will just copy and paste Joey’s response to my blog. The p.s.  line made me laugh.



Love love love your blog… your style and humor of communicating.

I was laughing nervously when talking about me.. .. Lol.. It is all about me? Lol jk

Kind of brutal to read the responses.

I know it’s true, tho. Does the truth set me free? Ha ha.. Not sure. Lol

I feel like you have just begun. Sort of tapped into something. I can’t really explain it, but I am sure you can.

I hesitated to read  but am glad I did.

Can’t wait to see you and share our fricken amazing lives.


p.s. It is so fricken funny to see your name on an RV site!

It’s kinda bull shit too….. I mean… I have three!

You have none. You have a computer!


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