Monthly Archives: November 2009

Thanksgiving with the Fam

“Did you know that Jennifer is driving to the North Pole?”
A look combining fear and sadness contorts my father’s face, “Oh no…”  trailing off, he looks as if he’s just been told I was diagnosed with a terrible illness.
“I’m not driving to the North Pole, Mom, I’m driving to the Arctic Circle.”
“I don’t think you [...]

Living in My Car Crash

I have become too obsessed with you.
As it typical for me, I don’t do anything in moderation and then completely wear myself out.  It is something I am still learning.
It means so much to me that people are reading my blog.  I have blogged twice before when I traveled and assumed that this blog would [...]

These are not lame YouTube Videos

I made the mistake of starting the first video in the series, “Traveling on the Outskirts” the other night.
I ended up watching the entire two seasons in one sitting.
These are not lame travel videos. Jessica and Duncan studied film and their video blog is like a well made mini-reality TV show.
You can watch all of [...]

My house is looking good; me, not so much

My house is starting to come together.
One bad thing is that my brother said we can’t do the roof ourselves, as there are already two (maybe three) layers of shingles that need to be removed.
I called a roofing company to get an estimate on roof removal and replacement, as well as just on removal (where [...]


I can’t believe that I’m a drunk

My mother quit drinking when I was in the fifth grade.
She gave me lots of warnings about alcohol, explaining that being a drunk runs in her large Irish Catholic family.
Because of that, I have been pretty cautious. I know to limit myself to two drinks and to be very wary of any habitual drinking patterns.
Unfortunately, [...]

oh please god not again

My brother Joel arrives tonight. We are going to do the rest of the updates on my house this weekend.

Unnamed person is not happy about this blog

I am starting to get self conscious that so many people in my life are certain that the things I am doing are going to get me mutilated and murdered.
A person who loves me (and who shall remain unnamed) is worried about my blogging. She thinks I am putting myself in real danger by posting [...]

But I kind of wanted to keep those

I look forward to getting rid of my house.
I look forward to getting rid of my furniture.
I have major separation anxiety with getting rid of my books.
My real estate agent said I have to move out the bookcases that are barring my front door. (I’m working on that issue.)
I have already cut my library in [...]

I think this might be my girl

I have done a pathological amount of research, but feel like I am honing in on what I’d like to buy!
I am really attached to the 2000-ish Winnebago Journey, so hope I can get something like this or very close.
What I like:

Diesel Pusher
36 feet
Has that Cummins Engine that all the guys have told me I [...]


“F**k you, Asshole!”
I stood in the parking lot humiliated, wearing little more than my red stilettos as the 6′6″ man flew toward me. His clenched fists flying first.
A protective move placed the diminutive frame of a quick thinking valet driver between me and the assault. My protector crashed into me as he took the punch, [...]


I’m really honest because I’m really lazy

I am posting all kinds of really personal information on this blog.
I guess this site is sort of anonymous, but my pictures are all over it.
My husband keeps saying, “Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want to see on the cover of the New York Times.”
(Not to suggest that the New York Times would ever care [...]

I am so damn curious about you

One of my “issues” is that when I meet people, I am completely fascinated.
I can be obsessively curious and want to know every detail about their life, thoughts, plans, opinions, etc.
In my view, it is like reading a book. I always get some new twist, quirk, or perspective that knocks around what I think, feel, [...]

Sometimes this blogging completely freaks me out

I get panic attacks about this blog.
It usually happens right before I go to bed. I just start freaking out and getting really afraid.
But I really have no idea what it is that I am afraid of.
People typically describe me as extremely private. But it’s not because I am ashamed of anything, I am just [...]