It looks good on you, though.

My husband has never been a fan of my decorating style. One person described it as “whimsical Alfred Hitchcock” and another as “creepy, but still cool.”

Jenny's House

I'll miss you, Helena

I like to think of my tiny house as vintage funky. But at 880 sq ft. (and with only one closet), my OCD has to stay in overdrive to keep it uncluttered.

Good for the house, bad for the garage.

The garage aesthetic is definitely “rotting haunted house.”  Ruth Ann says it has to be emptied and updated prior to the listing.

My brother Joel is traveling down to help me re-roof the house and garage, scrape and paint the exteriors of both, as well as do some basic updating of the garage interior and storage. He will be here next Thursday.

That means I’ve got to have the rotting haunted house garage emptied before he gets here.

Does the punishment of working to get rid of your stuff help you to remember not to accumulate it again?

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