I am completely terrified of people

I don't see youA while back I read a post about RVing and introversion by Cherie on Technomadia.com.  Her post was very comforting to me and has become one of the 100 random thoughts circling repetitively through my head.

Her take is basically what I am hoping will be the case for me – the fact that she can move her home anywhere allows her a lot more freedom as an introvert.

Sometimes I don’t leave my house for days at a time (should I not admit that?), so I’ve figured it would be very convenient if I had a house that moved around.

When I started this blog, I decided not to share it with anyone. I thought it would be helpful to be able to say whatever I really thought or felt without worrying about people I know reading it. I shared the link on forum and blog postings and now feel terrified that people I don’t know are actually looking at what I write. (Do they like me? Not like me?) It really sets up some brutal self-scrutiny.

When I first started posting I was obsessively responding to every comment; then I didn’t like my comments so went through and deleted everything I wrote. Ugh, I don’t know why I get so weird.

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