I’m gonna get a big ass diesel pusher

The longer I wait, the bigger it gets.  More research has me now fixated on the diesel pusher class A.  I test drove a gasoline powered class A, but, after more research (and a lot of help from the Yahoo Diesel RV Group) I’ve decided to test drive the diesel pusher.Have you ever seen one this big?

Having fishtailed under a semi at 80 mph, I still have residual terror passing those big trucks.  (Doing 360s, I actually went under it twice.) I feel like the bigger, heaver vehicle with more powerful brakes will feel safer to me.

I also like the idea that I can load it up with my books and possibly even my Stairmaster! (Though I do have to measure the door.)  If I am really going to make this my full time abode, it seems I should purchase something that can accommodate a lot of what makes me comfortable.

I’m headed to PPL Motorhomes in Houston next Thursday. Based on my budget, this means I will have to get an even older RV, but I think I’d be happier with a well made older diesel pusher than a more cheaply made newer gasoline RV. I’m actually hoping to find something in the 35ft range, and they have a few to choose from. (I’m going to look at this one and this one; if you have any opinions on those or any of the others, please let me know!)

I know that I have to keep a lot of cash in reserve for maintenance and repair.

I’m excited!


If you are interested in an overview of the gas vs. diesel debate, I recommend this article by Julian Gothard. Check his archive for a bunch of other helpful articles related to RVing. (Like figuring out which satellite dish to purchase.)


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