A 2X4 to the head would be nice.

The more I learn about RVs, the more frustrated I get with figuring out what I should purchase. My kind advisors fall into a few camps. Advice varies from:


Don’t overthink this – just buy an affordable, used class A motorhome for your first year ($35Kish). After that, you can trade in knowing exactly what you want.

Don’t lose money by under buying your first rig. Make sure you have a large enough coach that is comfortable for fulltiming and easy to drive.  It is not a test if you’ve bought something that won’t work for you.

Buy the really cheap 30 foot Fleetwood Bounder from your sister for $13,500. You won’t even have to wait for your house to sell!  It is a great RV and you can sell it easily with little penalty if/when you want to upgrade.

If you are going to spend $45K, you are better off buying something new with good warranties to start out.

Spend the money to get an older diesel with higher mileage. No white-knuckling when trucks pass and the brakes work much better on unexpected stops and steep declines.  Once you test drive one, you won’t drive anything else.

Whatever you do, don’t get a diesel. They break down more frequently and have costly repairs.

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