Donating in the Rain

With the Lifeworks donation pickup scheduled for 11am today, I figured I could wake up early to get everything in the driveway ready to go. I woke up to torrential rain. Lounging around in my nightgown, drinking coffee, and watching the rain pour down, I really didn’t want to don the big blue rain parka to pull things into my unpaved and muddy driveway.

A 7:00 am email to Susan at Lifeworks:

RE: reschedule?

Hi Susan,

Could we reschedule the pick up for another day? I’d prefer not to try to load things up in the rain. My schedule is pretty flexible, so let me know what works next week.



One hour, two hours. No response.

9:00 am call

“Hi Susan, This is Jennifer, we have a scheduled pick up at 11:00 am this morning, but with all this rain, I’d like to reschedule for another day. Can you give me a call? Thanks.”

Another hour. No response.

10:00 am. Assuming she must be out for the day and not able to pass along my message to the pick up crew, I get out of my nightgown, into the fluorescent blue mega-parka, and into the torrential rain. (Am I a surly and selfish person because I really didn’t want to do this?)

Out of guilt, I pull a few more manic-episode purchases from my closet – a pair of very high (and never worn) Steve Madden red pumps, several wildly patterned silk blouses, and an elaborately hand embroidered black and gold holiday jacket.

Freezing, soaked, and covered with mud, I have most of the items organized for donation by 10:45 am.

Fifteen minutes. Thirty minutes. One hour. No one.

12:00 pm

RE: reschedule?

Hi Jennifer,

I think that would be a good idea. We will contact you middle of next week.



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